Conference Tip

Establish a timeline and keep to it!

Creating a timeline is an essential tool for keeping your conference planning on track. Remarkable Meetings can help you with this and once you've determined an ideal date (and back-up date), begin creating a timeline by working backwards from the conference itself.

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Post-Conference Findings

Capture the impact of your event and maintain your momentum far into the future.

Remarkable Meetings can help you: Gather and edit data from video/audio tapings and work-group scribes and facilitators.
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Remarkable Meetings© designs events that meet the unique needs of each organization.

We know that rethinking conferences means rethinking the roles of presenters, moderators and attendees and, in addition to traditional meeting formats we utilize many creative and cutting edge approaches including:

Talk Show

Presenters are guests and the moderator is an interviewer. Questions are distributed in advance so guests don’t feel unprepared or ambushed. However the interviewer/moderator uses their skill to probe deeper on issues once the initial questions have been asked and the audience is fully engaged as well.

Community Circle

Ideal for groups of 30-50, this facilitated format with concentric circles transforms the traditional “presenter talks /audience listens” into a meaningful discussion amongst peers.


World Café

A series of rapid-fire small group discussions that yield more perspectives on issues and ideas that the usual small group breakout-session.


Thought Leaders Commentary

Similar to a post-State-of-the-Union address where a group of experts respond to information just presented (in-person or by video feed) and the moderator guides the discussion with both the panel and the audience.


Nested Meetings

These 3-hour mini-conferences within a conference can offer the opportunity to delve deeper into hot-button issues and engage a broader universe of partners and funders that reach beyond your usual constituents and attendees.

Special Interest Meals and Breaks

Sorting and re-sorting participants over the course of an event helps people meet new colleagues, deepen existing relationships, learn more about each other and find new opportunities to work together.


The greatest take away can be the number of new people with whom attendees can continue the conversations begun at your event. We employ a range of facilitated and informal techniques to maximize interaction among participants – each one suited to the particular culture of your organization and your field.


From strategic planning to committee meetings to social networking, Remarkable Meetings understands the power of expert facilitation. We not only keep your meetings on time and your agendas on track, but we can quickly establish a relaxed and safe environment for brainstorming and communication that draws out the best thinking from every participant.